Analysis and discussion of my dreams.

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Dream II

I was in a mall of some kind, where a speaker was going to give a presentation, though I don’t recall what the subject matter was.

Some of my college professors were in the audience, and I remember overhearing them talking about how they had concerns about what was going to happen at the presentation – which was going to begin soon.

The speaker walks on this small stage, which was lit up pretty nicely with blue, yellow, green lights – he was up there speaking very enthusiastically, however the audience, which was mainly 20 somethings, weren’t interested at all.  After awhile, they started getting up, shuffling around, moving chairs, having loud conversations – yet the speaker kept going.  My professors never said anything, they just sat there very still with disappointed looks on their faces.

The speaker finished his presentation without hesitation, and the room started clearing out, with people continuing to make a mess of the place.  I got up and moved to the back, which was darker, and there was a smaller stage in the back facing another direction.  While I was there, a group of girls got up on that stage in provocative clothing, dressed like angels and such, though they had on their clothes hebrew for “Jewish Virgins.”

The girl’s fathers were there, and it was apparently put on for the girls to tell the world how their religion is going to keep them pure.  I remember sitting there, and having people all standing and having conversations around me, which eventually caused me to finally get up and leave the room.

Once I got out to the mall walkway area, I saw the attorney Rob Kuby, who I went up to and went to shake his hand.  He made a “shooting a gun” hand motion for me to shake his two fingers, and next to him was a guy who I recognized his voice, but never saw what he looked like.  I remember saying to the guy “oh, so that’s what you look like” and he said to me “I see that cricket on you.”

I looked down at my shirt, and I saw a little cricket making that screeching noise, and flicked it off – I think, though I don’t recall completely.

I then turned around and walked in another direction, where I saw my father sermonizing to a few people – one of them being a former professor of mine who was playing an acoustic guitar while my father was talking, and looking right at him, seeming to play along to the words my father was saying – which I think was about business stuff (my father is a CPA).

I remember hearing the echoing of a waterfall in the mall, and I felt sort of stuck there watching, which is when I woke up.


I have to reflect on this dream more – no analysis yet.  I think there is a lot of symbolism in the cricket that was pointed out on my shirt, but the rest needs more thinking about.

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Dream I

I was with my mother and sister, and through a contact I do not recall, perhaps never revealed at all, I found out that my music was going to be played live by a band.

What makes this dream unusual from the beginning is that I have never shared my music with my family.  My sister heard little demos of music I was working on years ago, but they really have no idea about my music.  I never knew how to approach them about it and show them music i’ve made that I know they aren’t going to like.  They’re more simple when it comes to music – a nice beat to move your head up and down to and feel good for the moment, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with.

Back to the dream – the location in which I had found out where the performance was going to be was in a very dark, seedy and dirty underground gathering of gothic-looking street people.  They were following me down flights of stairs, passing people in bondage outfits and masks on.  I was dressed normally, as was my mother and sister, and I find it interesting that the music that was going to be played was from myself, and not from any of the people surrounding us.

We reached the bottom of this complex basement, very dark and damp, and radios playing abrasive horror-themed punk music.  My mother was furious at how I could drag her into such a dark place, and my sister was very quiet, trying to not add to the tension.  We eventually arrived at where the band was going to be playing, and we had to walk through these heavy plastic dividers.  My mother couldn’t take it anymore and said she was leaving, and took my sister with me.  She screamed at me briefly before taking off, “how could you dare bring me to a place like this!” sort of thing.

So now i’m by myself, and when I walk through, it just gets worse.  People having sex in violent ways, making sounds instead of words, all in costumes and masks, and then I see this little crappy band setup on a decrepit stage.

They did play my music, specifically songs I made about Halloweeen, but they played them very out of tune and lazily.  I watched for awhile, and then a room behind caught my eye, there was a slight bit of light coming from it.

I walked in, and see dead bodies and people who were still alive laying ontop of them, some sleeping and others studying them.  It was a very disturbing scene, and I don’t know why I walked further into the room, but I did, and right before I woke up, I caught a glimpse on a very dirty and small window, where daylight was barely coming through.  For a moment while looking out the window, I felt calm and away from the place that I was.


I believe this dream represents the fear of showing my music to my family.  A lot of my music is dark, and the people that would like it may come from a scene of that sort, but I think it focused more on what goes on within myself when I make some of my music.  I’ve captured very dark and hurtful moments in my life in a lot of my songs, and I think that underground pitt of hell and death may represent that.  For whatever reason, I dragged my family into that, and there reaction was their reaction.  Perhaps I can’t show them my music myself?  Which is why another band was playing, yet they didn’t even see the performance, they left out of disgust – at least my mother did.

Not all of my music is dark and disturbed, and I think my family would like some of my songs, but i’m still working on showing it to them, if I ever will at all.  I relate to them on a non-creative level, very simple and mundane every-day aspects of life – so I have to figure out how to break through that without breaking it.

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For my first post, I thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Michael, i’m 27 years old and live on Long Island, New York.  I’m a solo musician and artist of multiple creative outlets – one of my primary sources of inspiration being my dreams.

I’ve been closely analyzing my dreams for a few years, and it finally occurred to me to make a blog about it.

I issued a warning in my biography here, but I will write it here as well.  Some of my dreams will be intense and have violence and other elements of that sort.  I’m not going to write stupid stuff like pornographic dreams, they will always have substance and meaning, but I will always be honest about what they are.  In short, I will be analyzing my nightmares as well.

I don’t know who is going to be reading this, so I thought I would give a fair warning.  Not all of my dreams will be like that however, they can be anything…I think you get the idea.

I believe that dreams have deep meaning and my analyzing them has done me a lot of good.  I’ve been writing them down, studying the details I remember, and keeping a sharp eye out for what they could possibly mean as I go about my day.  That’s basically what this blog will be, trying to figure out why certain dreams were created in my subconscious, and maybe help others analyze their own dreams.

There may be some time that goes on between postings, it depends on what dreams i’ve been having.  Sometimes I recall them very vividly, other times only small bits.

I hope you enjoy and thank you for tuning in!